Amazon Fresh – Convenient Grocery Shopping!

My wife got a notice in her email from Amazon promoting their Amazon Fresh service, where they deliver groceries to your doorstep. With this particular promotion they offered $100 off your order, so she decided to give it a try. You basically go to the Amazon Fresh web site and select which items you want (just like going down the grocery aisle at the store) and then checkout. So my wife did her online shopping with a total of $140 in groceries (which came to $40 after the $100 promotion offer). They have different delivery options, and my wife chose the “pre-dawn delivery” where Amazon will delivery your groceries before 6 am (and they promise to be quiet). So the next morning low-and-behold there were several plastic bins at our front doorstep with all of goodies that she ordered the previous night. Apparently, you can order up to midnight and get your food delivered by 6 am the next day.

All the plastic bins were sealed with a plastic zip tie (so you know if someone broke into your stuff), and the refrigerated products were packed in insulated bags with frozen ice packs and dry ice. It turned out to be a very, very convenient service in my opinion, and the products were of high quality.

I decided to compare prices between Amazon Fresh and Safeway’s online shopping store and there were basically the same. Some products were a few cents higher, while others were lower. So based on this experience, I would certainly order from the Amazon Fresh service again!

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