Why are hotel internet connections so slow?

In traveling around the Western US region for the last few years, I’ve noticed that every hotel I stay at has slow Internet connections. Some in fact have such slow connections it’s just not work using. I’d rather use my Verizon USB Wireless Adapter over the hotel’s connections at times. Why is this? Hotels must know that business travelers (as well as vacationeers) use the Internet routinely for looking at web pages, checking emails, and doing work. I’m really not sure why a hotel can’t tie in a fast line (or, maybe multiple lines) to accommodate their guests.

If I was traveling more frequently, I would probably look into getting a dedicated MiFi device (cellular, portable WiFi) to use with my Netbook, Laptop, and iPod Touch. It probably would be faster than the hotel’s WiFi connection and I could use it practically anywhere. In the meantime, I’ll just have to do my heavy Internet action in coffeeshops and at the airport gates.

2 Responses to Why are hotel internet connections so slow?

  1. Jim Roscoe says:

    Did you complain? If people keep paying to stay at their hotel, and nobody complains, what’s the incentive to upgrade?

    • zunetips says:

      Of course I did. I complain every time I checkout if the Internet speeds are incredibly slow, but the desk clerk doesn’t care nor does the manager. I also note the sub-standard internet connect speeds when I get asked to fill out a survey after my stay.

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