Final Capria episodes airing Tuesday

In all their great wisdom, the SyFy (formerly Sci-Fi) Channel decided to cancel the Battlestar Galactica Series, Caprica mid-way through the 2nd season. If you want to watch the final 5 unaired episodes, get ready for the Caprica Marathon on Tuesday, January 4th. All 5 episodes will be shown back-to-back starting at 7 pm PST. So if you want to find out what happens to the Graystones, Adamas, and the birth of the Cylon destroyers, dial in on Tuesday for your last chance!

UPDATE: I’ve recorded and watched the first 4 new episodes of Caprica, and I understand why SyFy cancelled the show. All of the episodes were really, really slow with very little real action. Since I recorded them, I could easily fast-forward through the boring and slow parts, but even then the story was a bit long in the tooth. I pretty much fast-forwarded through all the scenes with Amanda Graystone, and most of the Zoey scenes (even though Zoey is a key component in the Cylon mythos). In my opinion, the real interest is with the birth of the Cylons and what caused them to war with their creators, and if the writers focused on that instead of all the character background stories it would have had a better chance of continuing on….

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