Stargate Universe – CANCELLED

Looks like the SyFy channel decided to pull the plug on the latest Stargate Universe series. The producers of this incarnation tried to change the format a bit by making it edgier and darker than the previous Stargate Series, but it was a really slow moving show and I think that coupled with franchise-fatigue really killed it. I watched it weekly because I’m a big SciFi fan and it had some interesting moments, however, with these types of franchise series you see repeating themes with the shows that does get old and tiresome.

Now, if MGM came out with some good Stargate DVD movies (either SG-1, Atlantis, or Universe) I would certainly purchase it. But for now, I think Stargate has suffered the same fate as Star Trek and needs some rest before MGM tries to conjure up a new Stargate series.

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