Thumb board typing

I’m a keyboard touch typist (and that’s a physical keyboard) and I don’t do much thumb board typing. By that, I mean typing on a handheld device keyboard like a smartphone. If I had a choice over a real thumb board (with raised keys) or a virtual screen keyboard I would normally choose the physical raised keys. I guess that goes back to using a real physical keyboard with my desktop/laptop computer. Nevertheless, I always avoid typing emailsor messages on my Palm Pixi WebOS smartphone because I’m prone to spelling errors and being slow at pressing down the physical keys.

Lately I’ve been using my Apple iPod Touch for writing notes to myself and I’ve found the iPod’s virtual keyboard remarkable easy to use. It must be the auto corrective spelling checker on the iPod which corrects nearly all of my miss-spelled text. As such, I can really fly at typing messages on my iPod Touch making it totally acceptable and actually fun! It is amazing how quickly I can type text using the iPod Touch, making me a believer in virtual keyboards.

I do have to remember that the technology which I based this opinion may only apply to the Apple iPod and iPhone products, so typing correction may differ on other devices (like the Android and Windows Phone 7 devices). This really makes me want to get an iPhone when they are available on the Sprint network (hopefully not too far in the distant future).

FYI, I typed this entire posting on my iPod Touch using the WordPress app and it was effortless and quick using the virtual keyboard.

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