The Verizon Apple iPhone

Looks like the Apple iPhone will be available on the Verizon network sometime at the end of this month. Hurray, Hurray! the iPhone is no longer restricted to the well-known crappy AT&T Wireless network, right? At least that’s what most people believe.

It seems to be common knowledge that the AT&T network is slow and just simply sucks, dropping calls and transferring Internet data at snail speeds. You hear that all the time, but after reading several forum postings I’m not too sure. It seems that a lot of AT&T users are reporting that their smartphones work great on the AT&T network, with no excessive dropped calls or slow data connections. Anecdotal comments are stating that it’s the Apple iPhone that is the culprit for the dropped calls and slow data transferring, not the network. The Android and WP7 phones work great on the AT&T network while the iPhones drop calls.

So with the iPhone soon to be appearing on the Verizon network, we’ll get a 2nd opinion. Verizon is regarded to having a good high-speed network, so if the iPhone exhibits the same dropped call performance as on the AT&T network, then there’s your smoking gun. If not, then I would concluded that the problem is with the AT&T network.

Also, I think it’s good to have the very popular iPhone available on multiple networks. It’s good for consumers and for Apple, Inc. I love using my iPod Touch (which is basically an iPhone without the phone), but for what I use it for it’s somewhat useless without a WiFi data connection. As such, I’m sure I’d really like using an Apple iPhone. So when the iPhone appears on the Sprint network, it will be a hard decision for me to get either an iPhone or a Windows Phone 7 device…

Update: One thing to note, is that with the AT&T Network you can do voice and data connections at the same time (so you could be talking with someone and then bring up Google maps or check your email at the same time). With Verizon, you can’t do this. You can only use one or the other. This is a big limitation with any CDMA network, so you’ll see the same restrictions on the Sprint network as well. So for some current iPhone users, this might be a big enough reason to not jump ship to Verizon.

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