This was a bit Techie week….

With the Consumer Electronics Show ending this week, there was a lot of cool high tech stuff being presented to the public. Lots and Lots of Tablet devices apparently about to be released, and nearly all of them running the Android OS. From what I’ve heard, the current incarnation of Android is designed for phone-devices and doesn’t work very well with the larger tablet devices. So, I’m not sure how successful the new batch of tablets will be in the hands of the consumer. Also, most of these tablets are prices fairly steeply in my opinion ( around $500-700) which seems too high. At those prices, I would definitely get the proven Apple iPad.

Lots of smartphones also being announced at CES, along with the Apple iPhone for the Verizon network rumored to be announced on Tuesday by Verizon. That rumor is pretty much a sure thing, and that will open up the iPhone for many, many more users. AT&T will certainly take a big hit in iPhone sales, while Verizon will be selling them like hotcakes.

On the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 front, it appears that Sprint and Verizon users will need to wait until June 2011 before the WP7 phones are available on those networks. That’s a big bummer for me, as I’m an existing Sprint user and am waiting for the WP7 phones. So another 5 months of waiting… maybe by that time the iPhone will be available on Sprint as well? 🙂

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