Google Chrome not cutting it for me…

I’ve been using Google Chrome for the last few months and I really like it. The best features are its speed in loading pages and the clean, minimalistic appearance. I really like the URL address bar can be used for both URLs and for Google search terms. But unfortunately, I’ve found that the Chrome browser seems to hang when loading some pages, or when I hit the “Submit” button on a form. Not so cool.

I’ve tried installing the latest beta version of Chrome on my iMac but I still have the same issues. Also, some web sites just don’t render correctly with their elements (e.g., the site).

So, I’ve decided to switch back to using the Firefox browser. I’ve also installed a few add-ons in Firefox to make it look more Chrome and give me the same features. Here’s what I’ve installed:

  • Omnibar – Integrates the search bar to to the URL location bar
  • Tabs on Top – Put the tabs in Firefox at the top of the window

I’ve also installed the theme called Chromifox Extreme which gives the Firefox interface a “Chrome” appearance

With theses add-ons and theme installed, my Firefox browser now looks and operates much like Google Chrome. So I’m back to web browsing with everything working as before… 🙂

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