My new Android phone

I took a new job with a different company and as such I needed to return my company iPhone. After using an Apple iPhone 4 for the last 6 months it was hard to go back to my Palm Pixi smartphone again. I’ve used the Palm Pixi in the past for about 1.5 years (and it worked great) on the Sprint network, but it was hard to use it again because I was so use to the larger iPhone screen. Also, the Palm Pixi had very limited apps available since Palm had neglected their WebOS phone lines for several months while they were acquired by HP a year or so ago. I wanted to stay on the Sprint network because my family already had an account with that carrier, so getting an iPhone was out. The only option I had was going for an Android phone.

After some research I narrowed my choices down to the Samsung Nexus S and the Samsung Galaxy S II Android handsets. Both had large touch screens and were very thin (no slider keyboard) and ran the newer “Gingerbread” Android OS. Unfortunately, the Galaxy S II wasn’t available for the Sprint Network as of yet (just a rumor), so I could either wait several months until it did become available or just go with the Nexus S (which was available now). The Nexus S looked really good and got great reviews, but I also read a lot of negative comments on the various Android/Sprint Forums with regards to the phone’s weak radio signal and WiFi strength. In the end, I decided to just go for it and get the Nexus S and after owning one for three weeks I’m glad I did!

I have to say that this phone is much better than the iPhone 4 in my opinion. It’s about the same size as the iPhone 4, but has a bigger screen. The resolution of the Nexus S screen may not be as high as the iPhone 4, but it still looks really good and has very vibrant colors. It runs smoking fast, flipping through screens of icons and popping up apps almost instantaneously (definitely not laggy as my Palm Pixi phone!). I’m also very impressed with the Gingerbread OS in general, as it looks really slick and very functional compared to the iPhone 4. Best of all, my Nexus S is considered a “developer” phone and is open to do lots of stuff a standard iPhone 4 can’t do (unless it is “jail-broken”).

The Android App Marketplace has thousands of apps available for download, most of which being the same apps as those I used on my iPhone 4. Just like the iPhone being backed up to Apple’s servers, my Nexus S backs up certain data to my Google gmail account.

The battery life with my Nexus S is actually pretty good, as I can go an entire day from 5:30 am to 9:00 pm at night with about 20% battery power remaining. That’s pretty good for a smartphone that is polling for email every 15 minutes, playing Pandora music for about 2 hours and browsing the web.

So if you’re in the market for a new smartphone definitely check out the Nexus S on the Sprint network. From what I’ve read, the Nexus S is currently available on T-Mobile now and soon to be available on AT&T.

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