Is WebOS officially Dead?

HP certainly did their best to abandon the Palm WebOS devices, and it seems the OS is going also. If you check out the HP-Palm web site, you’ll see just a splash screen of WebOS running on a Palm Tablet (now, discontinued). The new CEO of HP is supposedly to announce the direction of future WebOS development within the next two weeks, which would affect 600 people currently working at HP-Palm. With no new hardware being sold or developed, it seems the writing is on the wall. In my opinion, WebOS is an elegant mobile operating system, but it seems that no one wants it. As a developer, I found writing WebOS apps using Javascript under the “Mojo” system very easy to do, but the new “Enyo” system that was implemented in the WebOS 3.0 version was a bit too awkward for my tastes. Sure, there still are a very few hardcore WebOS developers still developing apps, but for the most part developers have moved on to the other mobile platforms (e.g., iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7).

As time goes on, I think the stagnant WebOS will become more and more behind the times and will never catch up to the other mobile OSes. That is quite a shame, as I’ve always like Palm as a company and wished they could have continued on (outside of HP) with their hardware and OS development work.

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