Custom ROM for Kindle Fire

If you’re in to using custom ROMs for your Android devices, you probably already know there’s two Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) OS ROMs available for the Kindle Fire Tablet. Both are still very beta, and unusable for my purposes since I use Netflix and these beta ROMs don’t have video decoding working yet.

One alternative custom ROM that I found that seems “safe” is Paul O’Brien’s MoDaCo Kindle Fire ROM. I say that it is safe, since it is based on the stock Kindle Fire 6.2.2 ROM with some custom tweaks to increase performance. Another big plus (actually, a really big plus!) is the inclusion of the Android Market App in this custom ROM which allows you to access and download apps on the Android Market.

I’ve been using this custom ROM for the last few weeks and runs very stable on my KF. I’m also using a 3rd-party launcher called “Go Launcher” which replaces the Kindle’s bookshelf app launcher with something more similar to Ice Cream Sandwich’s App launcher.

The hardest part with installing a custom ROM on your KF is rooting it, but once you’ve done that and installed an app such as TWRP future ROM updates is a piece of cake. I suggest you check out this site for tips on rooting your Kindle Fire.

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