Windows 8 Preview – I don’t like it!

Microsoft released their Windows 8 Preview install files several weeks ago, so I decided to give it a test run using the VirtualBox Emulator as my platform on my iMac system. After successfully installing Windows 8, I started it up and tried working with it. The first thing you see is the “Metro” desktop screen which looks like the main screen for a Windows Phone 7 device. I was really confused what to do at this point, so I simply clicked on the big “tiles” on the screen. Most of them didn’t do anything, but when I clicked on the “File Explorer” tile the OS brought up the standard Windows Vista/7 File Explorer application. I was expecting some fresh interface, but instead it seemed to be this Metro screen with the same old Windows Vista apps running on it.

I know this is just a “Preview”, but if the final Windows 8 version looks similar, I don’t think it will generate any excitement for the Windows community. In fact, it may drive people looking for other alternatives such as Linux or Mac. I definitely don’t see any reason to upgrade from Windows Vista or 7 to this new OS.

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