Pandora Radio’s Limited Skipping Rule

During the work week, I have a 1-hour freeway commute from home to work and I often listen to Podcasts to keep me from going insane. When I can’t find a good Podcast, I’ll often use the Pandora Radio app on my Android Smartphone to listen to music tracks since I hate using my car radio (with all commercials, commentaries, etc). Unfortunately, you can only skip 6 songs per hour with the free version, and I also learned this limitation applies for the subscription version ($36/yr) as well.

As an alternative, I discovered that the service called Spotify has similar capabilities as Pandora Radio, but it has unlimited skipping of songs. I tested it out on my iMac and Android smartphone and it seems to work pretty good. The big issue I had initially with Spotify is that it was trying to use my seldom-used Facebook login details to log into Spotify. I suspect Spotify can be tied into Facebook where all your “Friends” will know what music you’re currently listening to. A bit too Big-Brother for my taste.

So, I’m going to give Spotify a try and see how well it works. One thing I immediately noticed is that you can very quickly skip songs as compared to Pandora Radio which takes about 5-8 seconds to skip a song.

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