Streaming Videos using Apple TV

My wife and I normally don’t have time to watch live TV shows, so we resort to recording videos using our Macs and the EyeTV HD external device. Then later we watch our videos on our respective computer screens, iPads, Android Tablets, etc. As you may have read from my previous posting, I like to stream my videos from my iMac to my Android Tablets at home for viewing.

We recently decided that we wanted to find a way to watch our recorded videos on a big-screen TV in our main living room. Unfortunately, our living room doesn’t have a coaxial cable jack so we can’t hook up a TV to it. But, after some exploration we determined that we could connect an Apple TV device and stream videos from our iMacs to a connected TV very, very easily.

So we simply connected the Apple TV to our new Visio 42″ LCD TV via the HDMI port, adjusted a setting in the iTunes application running on my Wife’s iMac to allow for file sharing, and started up the Apple TV interface app on our LCD TV. Next, we scrolled over to the “Computers” icon and clicked it with the Apple TV remote, and was able to scroll through all available video files on my wife’s iMac. Then we just selected a video and it started playing on the TV!

Very simple to setup and use. So, we have video files streaming across our home WiFi network from my Wife’s iMac to the Apple TV, and the videos are played on the TV screen. No cable TV connection required. In addition, we can stream any music from the iMac to the Apple TV and hear it from the TV’s speakers as well.

Netflix is also available through the Apple TV in case we wanted to stream videos from the Internet to the TV screen. Very much worth the $99 for the Apple TV device.

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