Reminiscing over WebOS

In my previous posting I stated that I charged up my old Palm Pixi WebOS smartphone to use as a Sprint RF signal tester. First of all, I immediately noticed how small the screen is on my Pixi versus my current Nexus S 4G. Secondly, I started playing around with the WebOS system again and ran the calendar and email app and I forgot how good that OS was. If you introduced it today, running on better hardware I think it would be a big success.

After using the Apple iOS and Android OS, I still think WebOS is superior. Apps popup up as animated cards which you can minimize and shuffle around, and flick off the screen. It has true multitasking, while with iOS and Android apps are suspended or stopped if they are in the background. Everything on the screen looked fresh and clean. It’s really a shame that Palm couldn’t continue with their phone line and was instead bought by HP and completely abandoned. Sure, WebOS lives on in Open Source land, but that really isn’t the same as a fully promoted smartphone operating system.

I think that OS failed because Palm didn’t have appealing hardware, and they took too long to come out with these new phones. If they had better phones and produced them quicker, things may be different now.

Those were the days…

One Response to Reminiscing over WebOS

  1. Balu says:

    I never used WebOS but heard that its good. Yes, you are right, It would have been a hit, if they had a good hardware and frequent releases.

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