Taking Forums with a grain of salt…

I love reading postings in tech forums, and I learn alot of cool tips and tricks. However, you really need to be careful with what you read and believe (or disbelieve). For example, I love reading postings at forums.androidcentral.com which has great news on Android Smartphones and Tablets. Recently, I’ve been lurking around the HTC EVO LTE specific forums to get info on when the EVO phone would be available (which ended up being June 2nd, tomorrow). Some people got their EVOs early through pre-ordering, so there was some feedback on first impressions, usage, issues, etc.

Like anything, you have to take what you read with a grain-of-salt. There seems to be the 6 stages of “New Device-itis”:

  1. The announcement of a new device gets everyone in a tizzy, as the excitement level increases while people wait for the product’s release.
  2. The product is released, and people are madly trying to get their hands on one. Those that can’t get one freak out and drive hundreds of miles to search for their jewel device.
  3. People that do purchase this coveted device marvel at how great it is, saying things like, “it’s so sexy”, or it “runs buttery smooth”. From all that is said by these early adopters, this device is worth it’s weight in gold and is the greatest thing on the planet.
  4. Once the excitement wears off, you begin reading forum postings with people nitpicking small thing with their not-so-wonderful device.
  5. After more time has lapsed, people really dive in and post comments like, “the battery life sucks”, “this device reboots itself constantly”, “the text is too small on the screen”, etc.
  6. Finally, the device is deemed horrible and unusable, and the person moves on to the next wonder device coming down the pipe.

I’ve seen this behavior time after time. People go nuts over a new device and claim it’s so great, and later that same device is a piece of junk. Just human nature, I guess. As such, you really need to be wary of what you read in forum postings and ultimately make up your own decision to whether to buy this new device or not. Don’t get too bogged down with what other people say, and just take it easy as it’s just a hunk of hardware!

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