New EVO LTE Smartphone has a defect– what to do?

I reported in some previous postings that I recently bought a Sprint EVO 4G LTE smartphone. It was a simple process of going to my local Sprint Store and having them activate my new phone and deactivate my old one. After about 20 minutes I was out the door holding my new EVO LTE (which is a great smartphone). I then put the phone on the passenger seat and drove about 2 miles to my house, after which I placed the phone on my desk and went off car shopping. After being gone for most of the day, I went to my desk to go about installing my various favorite apps, etc. when I suddenly noticed a small nick at the edge of the screen. The light was coming in from my office window from the left, and the nick was quite visible (but, small). I ran my finger nail along the edge of the screen glass and I could definitely feel the small nick.

Now, there was no way that I created this nick in the screen for the following reasons:

  1. I ever put the phone in my pocket or near anything that could have caused such a nick. I had it sitting on the passenger seat of my car during the brief drive home.
  2. The phone sat on my desk charging for several hours with no one touching it.
  3. The screen is made of very hard Gorilla Class by Corning, so how could I have created this nick in the absence of any true physical abuse?

I do have to say that this nick is very small, but since I know it’s there it pops out like a sore thumb when the room light strikes it from the left side. I can certainly live with this minor defect, but I don’t think I should since I just bought this phone from the Sprint Store and it shouldn’t have such a defect. Let’s say later I want to sell this phone to someone and they notice this nick and wants me to reduce the price? I believe I paid full price for this phone to be defect-free and it shouldn’t have such a nick when I first get it.

So, I went back to my local Sprint Store and explained the situation. The Customer Rep who helped me looked at it, and explained that since it is a “cosmetic” defect (being at the edge of the screen) they couldn’t swap it for a new one for free. Besides, they didn’t have any extra EVO LTEs available anyways. She said she could swap it for a new phone if I paid the $36 activation fee and did it within the 14 day period from my initial upgrade. I guess they would consider it as a return and would let me get the same phone again which I would need to pay the activation fee.

So I thought about it and $36 isn’t a whole lot of money to get a new phone with no “cosmetic” defects. Some might say that I should protest paying that amount on principle, but I don’t want to go through the hassle. If I can swap it out relatively easily for that price, I’m good with that. So, that’s what I’ll be doing later this week when they get their shipments of EVO LTEs in.

The lesson learned for me, is next time visually inspect your smartphone while you’re still at the Sprint Store before you pay and leave for home!

Update: I stopped by the Sprint Store and explained my situation to the customer rep, and he said plainly, “that’s cool. I understand, because I’m the same way”, referring to being picky about having a defect-free phone. So, he quickly exchanged my EVO and didn’t charge me any additional fee. So, that shows you need to deal with the right person to get the job done right!

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