EVO 4g LTE + Ford Sync = Goodness!

On the same day as when I picked up my new Sprint EVO 4G LTE smartphone, I also bought a new Ford Explorer car with the Ford Sync system. Ford Sync is a feature which allows me to connect my phone to my car’s system via Bluetooth so I can use my EVO for hands-free phone calling. It also has other features such as automatically call 911 (through my phone) if I get into a car accident and the airbags deploy, or I can access weather and traffic reports, etc. Really cool system.

Another feature is the ability to stream audio via a Bluetooth connection from my phone to my car’s stereo system. So, I can wirelessly have music from Pandora or audio from my pod cast app (Podkicker) playing from my car speakers. What’s really nice, is that I can skip songs or advance my podcast by tapping a “Seek” button on my steering wheel. Since I drive for one hour each way to and from work, this is a great feature to have. So instead of using my ear buds in the car, I can use Ford Sync to stream my Bluetooth audio to the car’s stereo system.

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