Latest Android App: Tasker

I stumbled upon the Android app called Tasker while I was researching the use of NFC tags. Tasker is used to run defined tasks under specific conditions on your Android phone. Here are a few examples:

  • When in the proximity of your home, Tasker will turn on WiFi and connect to your home network. When away from your home, Tasker will deactivate WiFi automatically.
  • During certain times and days of the week, Tasker will adjust your volumes to whatever levels you’ve set.
  • When at a certain location at a certain time, Tasker can send out an email message with your defined information.
  • When launching your Navigation app, Tasker will also turn on your GPS.
  • When plugging in your headphones, Tasker will adjust the audio volume to a certain level.
  • When in your car and you’re moving more than 5 mph, Tasker will respond to all incoming text messages with a predefined message.
  • Silence your phone ringing by turning the phone over.

These are just a few things you can do with Tasker. It’s just amazing the functionality that Tasker brings to the Android phone, however, it does take some time to “program” these tasks into your system. Being a programmer myself, it took me a while to figure out the Tasker system, so it’s not a trivial process.

As a test, I have two major items programmed into Tasker. The first one turns on my WiFi if I’m at home (which is based on finding a specific Sprint Cell Tower in my area), and will turn WiFi off if I’m not at home. The second item is to activate an app called Podkicker on Mondays through Friday at 5:00 am (that way, Podkicker will download the latest podcast titles). If these tasks work out, I’ll probably expanded to adding in additional items. Here’s a page that has a lot of good ideas you can implement with Tasker.

My big concern is the battery power usage required by Tasker. For example, searching for my phone’s current location for a task can possibly drain the batter very quickly, but using Cell Towers for location seems to have minimal battery drain. I’ll report back later if Tasker turns out to be a good app to continue using, or if it’s another app that falls off my app page!

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