Samsung Galaxy S III

It seems that smartphone manufacturers are coming out with new devices on a regular basis, which seems to be every 8-12 months. HTC came out with their flagship “Hero” smartphone line called the HTC One X and HTC EVO LTE a few months ago. Now, Samsung is releasing the Galaxy S III which falls in that same category. Based on some forum postings, I’ve noticed that there are several smarphone junkies that switch phones whenever a new smartphone appears on the market. One forum poster was all excited about pre-ordering and getting the HTC One X, and reporting how wonder the phone is and it’s the best thing ever, then shortly later switched to a SkyRocket phone and a few weeks later switch to the Samsung Galaxy S III. That person is definitely a phone chasher, and probably switches phones within the 14 to 30 day return policy limit. And, I’m sure there’s lots of other smarpthone junkies that do the same thing (and spend lots of money doing so).

Several weeks ago I was in the position of upgrading my smartphone and I had the choice of getting an Apple iPhone, HTC EVO LTE, or wait for the Samsung Galaxy S III. Since my previous Samsung Nexus S 4G had such poor radio and GPS performance (and the fact that Samsung historically has poor radios), I decided to stay away from the Samsung line of phones. My HTC EVO LTE is working great, with very long battery life and no issues, and much better radio/GPS functionality. I have no interest in looking at any other smartphones unless something comes out that offers a substantial increase in productivity (e.g., LTE network).

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