Got my Nexus 7 Tablet Early!

I had pre-ordered my Google Android Nexus 7 Tablet a week ago from my local Gamestop store, and was told I would be in the “2nd wave” of releases with an estimated date of August 7th. But, fortunately one week later I get a text message saying my N7 is ready to be picked up at the store. If you check the Android Central Forums, you’ll see that there’s a firestorm of angry nerds who pre-ordered their N7’s through the online Google Play Store when the N7 was first announced at the Google I/O Conference. They are up-in-arms over the fact that they didn’t get their N7’s in their grubby hands before anyone else in the universe. There’s postings about getting Google to pay them back for shipping, or getting some kind of compensation for not being the very first to get an N7.

Strange, that these nerds feel so entitled to being the first to get a N7 device because they pre-ordered from Google. My definition of “pre-order” is that you’ve reserved a device with the seller to make sure you get one in case they run completely out. It doesn’t mean you’ll be the very first to get one (especially considering Google never said you would). Google gave a “2-3 weeks” delivery time, but these angry nerds who feel a sense of entitlement just simply ignore that delivery time, being upset that stores like Gamestop, Staples, Walmart, etc. are selling N7’s to customers with and without pre-ordering.

Well, I just have to say get over it. It’s just a piece of hardware, and not the end of the world if you have to wait a few days to get it. People are just so impatient these days, expecting instant gratification. If you really need an N7 now, just buy one at one of these local stores and refuse delivery of your Google purchased N7 when it arrives. End of story.

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