Google Chrome OS Laptop : Not such a good deal

Google recently announced their latest revision of the Chrome OS laptops (Chromebooks) where these laptops run Google’s simplified Operating System. So, these laptops will boot up really fast (<10 seconds) and uses the Google Chrome Browser as the main interface. So you can only run Google Chrome apps (which are usually Adobe Flash apps or HTML5 apps), and most of your operations are performed while connected to the Internet.

I was considering getting one of these laptops for when I travel, since it would be nice to have a long-battery life laptop on the plane or while waiting in the Airport. Of course, I’d like to do the usual stuff (e.g., read emails, web browse, check the weather, check maps) which I believe I can do using the Google Chrome OS. One thing that is a major requirement is to have the ability to develop Android apps which I often do while on a long flight (since I have a few hours of uninterrupted time). Since Android apps are developed using a Java-based app called Eclipse, getting this to work on the Chromebook is probably unlikely.

Besides that, these Chromebooks (made by Acer and Samsung) are kind of expensive considering the have limited functionality (and limited storage space). The prices seem to be $400+ US which is high to me. If they were going for $200 to $300 that would be more reasonable, since I can get a full Windows OS laptop for $300+ range. So in my opinion, these Chromebooks have a ways to go before they get accepted in the world of cheap laptops and tablets.

Currently, I have a 2-year old Dell 11z netbook laptop which has worked well (with Windows 7), but on my last trip the 6-cell battery that usually lasts 3-4 hours died after only 1 hour on a flight. So, I guess I’ll just visit and spend another $50 to get a new battery!

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