Tasker: My Automated Robot

I’ve been using a great Android app called Tasker on my HTC EVO LTE smartphone, and it’s been working fantastic. Tasker allows you to define certain tasks that get fired off under certain conditions, events, etc. For example, I’ve defined a Tasker entry that will turn on the WiFi on my smartphone if I’m getting close to my house (based on cell tower proximity) and will turn off my WiFi if I leave my house area. That way, I know my WiFi is always turned on when I get home and turned off when I leave.

Another good use case is my for my weekday morning drives to work. Normally, I listen to a podcast using an app called “Podkicker”, so I have a task that will activate this app every weekday at 5:00 am. I also have another task that will turn up the media volume on my smartphone when it connects to the Ford Sync system in my Ford Explorer vehicle (via Bluetooth), and will later mute the media volume when this Bluetooth connection is severed.

Finally, I have a task that will read out-loud any SMS messages while my phone is connected to my Ford Sync system.

Tasker is a great app, and definitely worth its price. My big dilemma now, is coming up with more useful Tasker tasks to implement!

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