iMac Hard Drive Crash

September 23, 2012

Two days ago I woke up to find my 27″ iMac’s screen frozen and unresponsive. So, I rebooted it (which is really a rare thing for me to do) and it wouldn’t boot up. All I got was the gray background screen with the Apple logo, and about 2 minutes later the machine turned off. Since I paid for the AppleCare protection service, I called the Apple Service Hotline and had a person walk me through several checks. In the end, it was determined that my hard drive will probably need to be replaced and I would need to take it to the local Apple Store.

The technician at the Apple Store agreed that my iMac’s hard drive has failed and that I would need to have it replaced. The total cost to replace the 1 GB hard drive was around $270 US, which of course was completely covered under the AppleCare plan. The  bad news, is that the repair will take 3-5 days. Ugh!

In this era of instant gratification, it’s hard to wait for my iMac to be repaired. Luckily, I had Apple’s Time Machine backup running on my system which effectively backs up all my files so I’m good from a backup standpoint. So now it’s just a waiting game before I get my iMac back on my desk and running again.

In the meantime, I’m stuck with just a few options to hold me over until my main computer comes home. I have two Android tablets (Nexus 7 and Acer Iconia A500) which are fine for casual web browsing, but I’m limited to just a single window and can only have one application running at a time. Typing on a tablet is a pain, as I’d prefer using a physical keyboard to type anything beyond a few search words. I also have an older Dell 11z Netbook laptop that I take on travel running Windows 7 which will just have to hold me over until I get my iMac back from being repaired.

The 11z works fine, but it isn’t as snappy as my iMac (which makes sense), so I’m now thinking about getting a Solid State Drive (Flash Drive) for this laptop. A 128 GB SSD runs for about $80 on, so that would definitely boost the performance of my 11z and make it seem like a brand new netbook. It’s something to consider, but in a few days I’ll have my iMac back and I won’t be using the 11z very much.

In any case, it’s a bit painful to be be without my beloved iMac. I’m certainly glad to have the AppleCare coverage, as it has now paid for itself with this repair!

Update: I took my iMac to the Apple Store on Saturday night, and got a call almost 24 hours later saying it was ready to pickup. After bringing it home I started it up, plugged in my external USB drive which I use for my Time Machine backup and restored my system back to where it was just prior to the hard drive failure. Another case of, “it just works!”.