Recommended Android Apps

imgresHere’s my list of recently Android apps which I’ve installed on my various Android devices, which I think are cool:

Any.DO – For the last year I’ve been using an Android app called Wunderlist which has worked great for my needs. I have it running on my Android smartphone and tablets, as well as companion app running on my iMac desktop system. There’s also a Web interface you can use online when you don’t have or want to pull out your phone or tablet. But, recently I came across something that seems cleaner and better meets my needs– an app called Any.DO.

With this app you can specify different “folders” or lists and associate items to that list. You can easily add items to your list (and have an option to do so using voice texting), and cross them off by simply sliding your finger across the item. List items can be moved around via drag-n-drop, and you can easily move an item from one list to another. Like with Wunderlist, you can also share lists with other people. What I especially like, is the Chrome Browser extension that’s available that allows me to access my synced lists directly from my browser. Very, very cool!

Any.DO is a free app with no ads, so I highly recommend it if you like using lists to stay organized and want something that will easily sync between your Android, iOS, and Desktop devices.

Cozy Magnifier – This is an Android app that will use a smartphone’s camera to magnify whatever you put in viewing range. I use it for reading very small print (being over 40, your eyes start failing) and it has lots of cool features like pinch-n-zoom and the ability to turn on the camera’s light. At 99 cents, it is a bargain and lifesaver!

Flipboard – This app has been on the iOS scene for quite a while, and it finally made it to the Android platform. Flipboard is a news aggregate which combines news articles on various chosen topics on your device. It has a cool flip page feature where you can swipe right-to-left to switch pages. This app works great on my EVO LTE smartphone as well as my Android 7″ and 10″ tablets. It displays lots and lots of news articles that get updated daily (or even hourly). It’s free, and I highly recommend it.

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