Apple iPod Nano Mini-Review

One of my Christmas gifts this year is the new 2012 Apple iPod Nano (7th Generation), so here’s my mini-review after playing around with it for a few hours. First, this media player looks almost exactly like a miniature version of the new Apple iPhone 5; being retangular in shape with a touch screen that takes up much of the front surface of the device with a round “home” button at the bottom center. This iPod Nano is much smaller than what you might imagine based on photos (actually, close to the height of a credit card but about 3/4th the width). On a full charge the advertised battery life is about 3 hours for music playing.

This model syncs with iTunes on my iMac Desktop computer, where all my existing music is easily transferred to the iPod. You can also sync videos, audio books, and audio podcasts if you like (all of which should be organized in iTunes on your Mac/PC system).

The power/sync connector is the newest “Lightning” connector which is standard for the new iPhone 5 and iPad 3 devices. The iPod Nano also comes with the new “Earpods” earphones (which doesn’t have a built-in volume/skip control or microphone). So far as apps, there’s a Nike Fitness app for tracking running, a clock/timer app, and the iPod also has a FM Radio app. Note, the iPod Nano has bluetooth but doesn’t have traditional WiFi capability.

Normally I use my HTC EVO LTE for streaming my music (via Google Music and Pandora) and podcasts via Podkicker while driving in my car (which has the Ford Sync option), but I plan to use this iPod Nano when I work out at the gym or when I’m in a situation where I don’t want to risk damaging my EVO smartphone.

My biggest concern is losing this device, since it’s so tiny! But having the earpods tethered to the iPod Nano will make it easier to keep track of the small device.

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