Short Films on YouTube

imgresIt seems that with low-cost computer technology and a little bit of creativity, people  can make some really good independent films. Some are really low-budget yet the creators can product near-Hollywood quality movies. One subculture are the “Fan-Based Films” which are written, acted, filmed, and produced by fans themselves. For example, there’s several Star Trek-based and Star Wars-based fan films available on the Internet. For the most part, these fan-based films are really cheeezy with horrible stories and very poor performances by non-actors. One such fan-based production is Star Trek: Phase II, which started out as truly a “fan production” with horrible acting, however, over time each film/episode has improved dramatically. Definitely worth watching to see the amount of effort that is put into these productions.

There’a also some really great Independent films which I imagine are created by upcoming directors, actors, and producers on a shoestring budget. For example, below are some really good films you can check out on the Internet:

L5 (2912) – Excellent Sci-Fi short film with great sets, special effects, and good acting. The film is very high-quality overall, and in a lot of cases better than some TV Shows today. Very, very good film and I hope this group continues with more online episodes to continue the story.

1945A – This is one of my favorite Sci-Fi short films made on a $2000 budget. Very good acting and excellent special effects.

Best Sci-Fi Short Films – Here’s a web link to several very good short stories made in film format. Excellent filming, acting, etc. Definitely worth checking out to view some creative filming.

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