Doxie Portable Scanner Mini-Review

I received the Doxie Go portable scanner (with EyeFi Wi-Fi SD Card) for Christmas and here’s my quick review.

I wanted a scanner for scanning in receipts and documents for printing and archiving, and the occasional photos. I also wanted something that was easy to use with my iMac desktop system. In the past I’ve been using an 3-in-one HP scanner/printer combo but using it wirelessly with my iMac is a real pain after Apple came out with the latest Mountain Lion OS update.

It seems that the Doxie Go portable scanner will do the trick. It’s relatively compact and can scan color images at 300 dpi and 600 dpi, and does so very quickly (much quicker than my HP scanner/printer!). It takes about 8 seconds to warm up, then it’s ready to accept 8-1/2″ wide documents for scanning. It has a built-in rechargeable battery and it stores scanned images in its internal flash storage or on an inserted SD card, so it can be completely portable and doesn’t require a computer to operate.

In my case, I received the add-on EyeFi SD Card 4GB ($30 US) which will send my scanned images to my iMac automatically (with the running EyeFi app in the background). Once I scan an image, it appears in a specified folder on my iMac within 60 seconds or so. Cool! Can’t get any easier than that.

There is a special Doxie Go software which I installed that helps me manipulate the scanned images once they are transferred to my iMac. You can easily rotate the images, crop them, and do some basic tweaking of the contrast, etc. before saving them to a jpg image file or PDF file. Very easy to use software.

The biggest hurdle I had was getting the EyeFi SD Card configured to work on my home WiFi network. It was a bit slow to configure, but once I did it has worked without issues.

I also had a problem of streaks in my scanned photo images. I had to use a special “cleaning” tool that came with my Doxie Go to clear out possible dust particles from the scanner. The Doxie instruction manual does stated that when scanning glossy photos you should use the supplied protective sleeve, but I believe the streaks in my photos were caused by dust particles. So, if you plan to do a lot of photo scanning take notice of this possible issue.

I spend about 30 minutes scanning in documents with recipes and other text items to be saved in Evernote. The entire task was effortless and the results were great. So, so far everything is working as expected and I do recommend checking out this scanner!

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