Number of Apps – Really That Important?

images-1It seems the measure of how good a smartphone OS is, is tied to the number of available apps for that system. The Apple iPhone is considered the best smartphone because it has the most apps in its app store. Android follows behind with its massive number of apps, and in far third place is the Microsoft Windows Phone 8 with its small number of apps. But, does having say 1 million available apps make one smartphone OS better than another that only has 200,000 available apps?

In my opinion, no. It’s not the quantity of apps but the quality and depth that is important. If I have a smartphone that has all of the apps I need, then I should be content. Case in point, I don’t care about Facebook or Twitter, or any other social media apps. What’s important to me is a good news app, something for podcasts, email, and web browsing. I also want a good notification system so I don’t miss appointments, emails, or if my wife sends me a text message. So if I can satisfy my app needs, then I’m good with that particular smartphone OS.

In Microsoft’s case, I’ve found that WP8 has a good deal of solid standard apps available. They have Evernote, CNN, USA Today which I use on a daily basis. I also found a good podcast app, as well as the Weather Channel app. What’s also nice, is that Nokia offers numerous good quality apps with their WP8 smartphones. Apps such as Nokia Music, Mapping and Navigation apps, as well as an assortment of photo editing apps. Understandably, my app requirement may be different than your’s, but it does show to me that you can’t judge a smartphone OS by strictly the number of available apps.


One Response to Number of Apps – Really That Important?

  1. Balu says:

    We’ll said, app count isn’t important at all. WP8 and surface are mostly neglected in this factor :).

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