Aging iPads and Tablets

imgresMy son has been using my wife’s original first generation iPad for running games and watching Youtube videos, but this 1st gen iPad is showing its age since it cannot install certain games that require a gyro or front facing camera. As such, my wife suggested that she upgrade her iPad to the newest one and hand her current iPad 2 down to my son.

In a previous blog posting I talked about  AT&T excellent smartphone trade-in program which netted me $500 US by trading in some old used smartphones. I recently discovered this also works for tablets and iPads as well. When I checked how much a used 1st gen iPad would fetch, AT&T’s trade-in site gave a value of almost $200 US. That’s actually pretty good for an iPad that’s been around for a while. I also checked a pristine Blackberry Playbook tablet that I got free as a developer and it was only worth $10. My 1st gen Kindle Fire tablet also had a similar value of $12. Such a big contrast in value between the iPad and lower cost Android powered tablets.

AT&T also is offering $100 US if you sign up for a 2-year agreement for cellular data for Tablets, so I probably will do that to help defray the cost of a new iPad for my wife. Gotta love those trade-in programs, since it’s much less hassle trading your old devices than try to sell the on ebay or other used devices site.

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