More Windows Phone 8 Thoughts

imagesLast night I spent a few hours lying on the couch playing around with my recently purchased Nokia 520 smartphone. This is a low-cost device running the Windows Phone 8 (WP8) operating system, and I was using it in WiFi mode (since I don’t have a cellular plan for it). I purchase it to check out the WP8 OS and make a decision whether I want to port some of my apps over to that platform.

The 520 was really snappy as I used it, jumping from app to app with very little delay. I brought up the CNN and USA Today apps and read several news articles. I checked my Outlook email, and looked over my calendar events for the upcoming week. I ran the Weather Channel app to check the weather for tomorrow, and played around with the Nokia Maps app to see what new restaurants may have opened up around my neighborhood.

One of my favorite sites is (which exclusively discusses WP8) and I ran their app on my 520 to read some forum postings. I have to admit that the WP8 version of wpcentral’s app doesn’t seem to work as well as the Android version (strangely ironic).

I also spent some time running the “Nokia Trailers” app, which allowed me to play several upcoming movie trailers (everything worked smoothly with no glitches).

In working with my Nokia 520 I concluded that it is truly a very useable device for my basic needs. Hopefully, Microsoft will continue to develop and polish WP8 and make available new cool hardware to run it.

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