Roku Comments

imagesAfter using the Roku media streaming device for two days, I’d have to say I’m impressed at its ease of use and amount of available content. This is coming from someone who’s used an Apple TV device (similar media streaming) for the last year. Roku doesn’t actually provide Internet media services, but instead is a device where you can sign up to “channels” which do provide the media. For example, you can use Roku to access Netflix movies or Hulu Plus TV shows. In addition, there are several other channels available to stream movies and TV Shows as well as anything else you can think of. For example, weather information, current news, documentaries, music– the list seems endless.

I was using the Roku 3 model which I purchased from Costco for $95 US. The advantage for buying from Costco, is that you get a free HDMI cable, free copy of Angry Birds Space game for Roku, and a 1-month trial subscription for the Hulu Plus Channel.

Setting up Roku was a breeze, and I was online and adding channels within 15 minutes. Last night my son was watching several Disney videos, Arthur TV episodes, and a few other animated movies off Netflix. If you’re considering cutting the cable TV cord from your current cable/internet provider, I highly recommend checking out Roku.

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