TV Commercial Cutting…. I Give Up!

images-1In one of my recent past postings, I mentioned my efforts to reviving the TV Commercial cutting methods and techniques I’ve used in the past. After spending several days trying different options on my iMac, I’ve concluded that it’s a lost cause. Although I was finally able to get mencoder compiled and running correctly on my iMac (running the Mavericks OSX), it still didn’t seem to work properly at cutting out video segments. Also, the Comskip application that I used to identify commercial segments didn’t seem to work very well for my recently recorded TV shows with the EyeTV HD software and hardware.

I can only guess something changed in the EyeTV software where the video file recorded format is a bit off from what it was in the past. Such a slight change seems to be causing issues with the Comskip program identifying the commercial cut points. One thing that I did learn, is that the program called ffmpeg is what powers the mencoder software, and ffmpeg is much more efficient at cutting out video segments without having to transcode the video again.

But, from my previous posting you’ll see that I’m in the process of cutting off my Cable TV and going with Internet media streaming. So, I’ll soon be in a position where I won’t be recording shows anymore with my iMac system and watching what I want, when I want (on-demand)!

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