FFMEG: The Greatest Video Conversion Tool

video_conversionI had a video file in .mkv format, and I needed to convert it to mp4 format for my Android tablet. I tried using my favorite app called Handbrake, but my first attempt created a video file without any audio. I then tried several different settings, but still no audio. I was at a loss, since Handbrake is one of my favorite video conversion tools. It’s easy to use, I can queue up videos to be converted, and it has several pre-defined settings for the Apple TV, iPhones, iPad, Android Tablets, etc.

I discovered that I could also do this video conversion using a well known open-source program called FFMPEG. I had ffmpeg installed on my iMac when I was doing some commercial cutting experimentation, so I initiated the video conversion using the following shell command,

> ffmpeg -i rockets.mkv  rockets.mp4

That was it. I supplied the input file and the output file name and off it went! The video was converted properly with the audio data intact. Such a simple solution.

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