One Month with Roku (and no Cable TV!)

imagesIt’s been about one month now since I’ve cut the Cable TV cord and have been using a combination of Netflix/Hulu Plus service with the Roku 3 media streaming device. So far, it’s been pretty good and my family doesn’t miss having Cable TV. What I really like, is the headphone feature where you can plug in a set of headphones into the side of the wireless remote and listen to your show without disturbing anyone else in the room. For example, today I was watching the Smithsonian Channel and later AETV in my family room while my son was playing games on his iPad tablet.

Another thing that I like is that the remote is wireless, but not Infrared like your standard TV remotes. So, you don’t need to point the Roku remote at the Roku device to use it. Also, I use an Android Roku app which allows me to pick video content to be displayed on my TV, and I can also use this app in lieu of the Roku remote.

A nice thing about purchasing my Roku 3 from Costco, is that it was $10 below the retail price and included as a bonus a HDMI cable and a free copy of the online Angry Birds Game for the Roku. I’m definitely liking Roku and it’s available content, and not missing Cable TV and its high monthly cost!

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