My Dislikes for 2013

imgres-1Well, you probably knew this was coming after my Favorites of 2013 posting. With likes there are dislikes, of course. Here’s my dislikes and pet peeves of 2013:

Grocery Store Checkout – My biggest pet peeve for my local grocery store is the inefficiency of the checkout line. More often than not, I get in a line where the checker is super slow or too talkative. They will ask me about my day, and where I went on vacation, and what I’m doing this weekend. I want to reply, “None of your business! Focus on your job and keep scanning my items”. I guess it’s the latest customer-friendly psychology that some stores are using, but it has an opposite effect on me.

Hidden Charges – I recently cut-the-cord with Comcast to downgrade my service and eliminate Cable TV. I now only have internet access through Comcast, and when I check my current bill it shows $14 in taxes and service charges. What are all these taxes for? They seem to be hidden charges that are not quoted when you compare the different plans. So, you have to know you’ll be paying a substantial amount in taxes and fees when budgeting your Comcast service.

Entitlement Mentality – It seems a lot of people feel entitled to things which they are certainly not entitled to. For example, I was at a store waiting in line to return an item once it opened up, and as the doors opened a person decided to barge ahead of everyone and cut in to be the first in line. What the hell was this person thinking? Everyone in line was stunned and shocked, and even the store employee told the idiot customer that he needed to go back to the line. This moron replied, “I just have one item and it will be quick”. So what? I guess he felt he was more important then everyone else in line and should be serviced first. In the old days, that guy would have been stoned by the masses for what he did. This society seems to have failing respect for others and absolutely no manners.

Facebook – There’s no doubt that I hate Facebook, as it seems to have been designed to feed people’s egos. People like to brag on their Facebook page, often being fake and trying to make themselves sound important or better than they actually are. People are constantly posting their status and whereabouts on Facebook, taking photos of their current lunches and  reporting every little minute event. Ugh! I also get requests from apps and games to “connect to your Facebook account”, which I definitely don’t want to do. Facebook go away!

Selfies – This also falls under the Facebook ego category. People feel they are so important that they have to take self photos of themselves and post them online in some kind of social forum. Often, they do this while driving and putting themselves and others at risk for a traffic collision. Who cares what you look like or where you are? It’s just a trendy thing that human drones like to do, I guess.

Trendy Buzzwords and Phrases – Man, I’m sick of hearing the same buzzwords that popup every year. It seems that someone starts a phase and everybody else tries to fit that phrase in their daily conversations. For example, a few years ago the phrase, “No Worries” popped up and everybody was saying it. It was getting really annoying, when every conversation I had resulted in a reply of “no worries”. The buzzword for 2013 seems to be “redacted” and “really?, really?”. Man, I hear that all the time… seems like people are a bunch of parrots and like to repeat stuff they hear.

Miley Cryus – Man, I hate seeing that crazy attention getting girl everywhere. I wish the media would just stop posting pictures and articles about her crazy antics. I read somewhere that she was in the running with the Pope for person of the year in Time magazine. That’s nuts! Why is she even being considered? Absolute insanity.

Ok, after reading all of this you may think I’m just an old grouchy man who likes to complain about everything. Really?…. Really? I think you should redact that thought, as I’m taking a selfie of me now walking down my street as I check my postbox (which I’ll immediately post on Instagram because it’s the most interesting thing that happened to me so far today). Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to log into my Facebook account and post a picture of my left sock since I discovered I have a hole in it and need to let all my followers know. LOL! 😦

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