Hulu Plus and Commercials

Hulu Plus is a great, inexpensive service for Cable TV cord-cutters who still want to stream TV shows via an Internet Connection. It’s also great for “binge-watchers” like me who watch several episodes consecutively for a particular show. During the holiday break, I’ve been binge watching, “Grey’s Anatomy” going through Seasons 1-3 in just a few days, and I’m starting to go a bit looney!

Although you pay a monthly fee for the Hulu Plus service ($5.95/mo), they still have commercials at the standard break points in a TV Show. This is because the low monthly fee doesn’t completely cover the charges Hulu is required to pay to the TV Networks. But, it really isn’t that bad since you have one or maybe two commercials at each break that can last from 15 seconds to 60 seconds total in length. The bad thing, is that they repeat the same commercials over and over again to the point that it becomes nauseating.

For example, I’ve seen the commercial that starts off, “How long can you power your smartphone on one gallon of gasoline?” a MILLION times! Also, there’s a Bank of America commercial with a mother and daughter hanging out, having lunch, etc. over and over again. And finally, the Google Chromebook commercial is also repeated so frequently it’s giving me a headache. I guess that’s the price you pay for Hulu Plus’ short commercials. 😦


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