Windows Phone Limbo

January 20, 2015

Yesterday I saw a posted article on that had the header, “New details emerge on Microsoft’s last-ditch effort to make Windows Phone relevant“, which made me think: Is there any reason why I would switch from my current Android smartphone over to a Windows Phone?

After a few minutes of thought, the answer would be no. There’s no existing reason I could think of that would make me want to switch to a Microsoft Windows Phone. Not even low price would make me consider switching from Android, since my phone works perfectly fine and meets all my needs.

So, what would make me consider switching?

Being able to run desktop Windows apps on a smartphone (as the BGR article suggests) wouldn’t be a big deal for me. I’ve got all the apps I want on my current Android phone and tablet (also, I don’t use Windows but OSX). Windows Phone would need a big game changer for me to consider switching. Something like a 1-week battery life, or super-thin and strong design. Some kind of projection screen maybe, or extremely accurate voice recognition. A superior tie-in with my car’s bluetooth system to control it’s systems (e.g., self starting, security monitoring, etc). Easy home security link. A truly wireless charger which will charge my phone just by being in the same room as the charger. A next-generation wireless connection system that would allow me to remotely use and control my smartphone at greater distances than Bluetooth (like, me being at the gym with a wireless headset listening to Pandora from my Windows Phone that is sitting in my car 40 feet away).

A lot of pie-in-the-sky stuff which is what it would take to my me consider switching to a Windows Phone.

One thing that Microsoft really does need to do, is create a much, much better GUI interface than what Windows Phone has now. I think the Microsoft decision makers are stuck with the current OS theme, but to me it seems really drab and ancient. In fact, the Apple iOS is also getting long in the tooth even though Apple tries to update it. What I like about Android is it’s customization, and the fact they recently switched it up with the new “Material Design” look.

So, does Microsoft have a chance? I don’t think so with their current Windows Phone product. I think they need another reboot to be successful in today’s market.