Angry Birds is everywhere!

December 28, 2010

Angry Birds is a game that seems to be everywhere these days. I originally heard about it for the Palm WebOS device, but learned later that it was available on nearly all mobile and smartphone devices. So, I decided last week to download the “lite” version on my Apple iPod Touch and give it a whirl.

The game involves a set of bird characters who are “angry” because some green pigs have stolen their eggs. To get back at these pigs, the birds are launched in a sling-shot by the player at the pigs to eliminate them. In each round of the game, the pigs are usually protected by wood or stone structure and you are limited to the number of birds you can use per round.

What’s interesting is that the game is physics-based, so the flying birds, wood beams, stone blocks, etc. all move in a very realistic fashion. The sound effects are good too, as well as the high-graphics. All-in-all I’ve found the game to be pretty good, and I’ve got it loaded on my Palm Pixi WebOS phone as well. Now, I usually don’t play games on my iPod Touch or Pixi phone other than the simple Sudoku or Solitaire card games. I’ve learned that playing a high-graphics game like Angry Birds really zaps my battery big time. It seems that after playing Angry Birds for about 1-hour my iPod Touch’s battery goes from a full charge down to 20%, so it is apparent that the physics-based game must really tax the CPU. What’s amazing, is that I can watch 3 or 4 hours worth of videos on my Touch and still have 50% or more battery life, but 1 hour of Angry Bird game playing just drains my battery.

So if you want a challenging (and addictive) game to play on your mobile device, check out Angry Birds. I went ahead and purchased the full version (for 99 cents) for my iPod Touch which provides many more levels and rounds, which is a bargain considering what you’re getting. My wife has Angry Birds loaded on her Android phone, and I’m sure it’s available on the Blackberry as well. Just be aware, that you shouldn’t play Angry Birds on a plane trip without an AC charger nearby afterwards!