Will Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Succeed?

October 11, 2010

Today is Microsoft Windows Phone 7 launch day, and there’s a lot of buzz on the net about Microsoft new phone OS. I’ve read some different postings and watched several videos ads put out by Microsoft, and I have to say that I’m surprisingly impressed.

What I think is amazing, is that this time around Microsoft didn’t try to copy the Apple iPhone or Android OS. They came out with a new, refreshing interface that is entirely different than the old, tired Windows Mobile OS. After watching the demo videos I was surprised to see how much you can actually do with the new Windows Phone 7 OS, considering how new this OS is. It seems that with the 7 OS you can connect to the cloud for lots of activities, ranging from the usual search engine stuff to gaming, social networking, online Office apps (e.g., OneNote and Outlook), music, videos, and much more.

What is really appealing is the fluid and animated graphics for the 7 OS. Text, icons, and images seem to flip around and glide in on the screen, which may seem gimmicky, but it actually makes using the phone fun. And I think that is something people want; they want a smartphone that they can enjoy using.

The real kicker will be the available app for this new OS. Depending on the ease in using the SDK, we’ll either see lots of apps or just a few apps after the release of the Windows Phone 7 devices (around early November for the US). So to be a success, Microsoft will need to provide a good SDK with lots of examples to help developers create good and useful apps.

So, it just might be that Microsoft hit a home run with their Phone 7 OS. Time will tell…