Experimenting with NFC Tags

June 24, 2012

The Samsung Google Nexus S 4G was the first smartphone to come with an NFC chip which allowed the use of Google Wallet (payment system). Since then, several smartphones have come out with built-in NFC chips, and it now seems to be the standard. In fact, Samsung has just released their TecTiles, which are programmable NFC Tags. If you have the right app, your NFC-Enabled smartphone can be used to read and write NFC Tags.

Since my HTC EVO LTE 4G phone also has an NFC Chip, I decided to experiment with NFC technology for my every day use. If you do a Google search on “NFC tags android” you’ll get lots of hits with various explanations and usages of NFC. The first thing I did was order some NFC Tags online. buynfctags.com is probably one of the best place to learn about tags and order them. There are lots to choose from: small sticker tags, wristband tags, keyfobs, plastic cards, and laundry token tags. Most of which are very inexpensive, ranging from $1-3 US. www.tagstand.com is another good site for ordering NFC tags.

Tags can be programmed to execute one or more tasks on your smartphone. You then touch or tap your phone to the tag and those tasks are executed. What I’ve found, is that the NFC reader on my EVO LTE has very limited range (approximately 1-2 cm), and thus required me to physically tap the phone to the tag. Read the rest of this entry »