Free WiFi Spots

free_wifiHere’s my list of free WiFi Hotspots which you can try out with your laptop. If you come across any new ones, please let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

McDonald’s – All stores seem to have free WiFi these days.

Tullys Coffee Shops – Tully shops are located in the Pacific Northwest and they all offer free WiFi Access.

Starbucks Coffee Shops – Starbucks uses AT&T for their WiFi hotspot, and the are free at all the locations that I’ve visited.

Hotels – I’ve noticed that the “economy” hotels seem to have free WiFi access in their lobbies when compared to higher priced hotels. For example, the Hilton and Marriott hotels seem to charge for WiFi access, but cheaper hotels like The Days Inn and Marriott Fairfield Inn/Courtyard offer free access in the lobby.

Note: Most hotels have really slow Internet connections, so I wouldn’t rely on any moderate or heavy data transfers.

US Airports – More and more airports are offering public WiFi access in the gate waiting area. Here’s my short list (if you know of others, please let me know):

  • Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport – Phoenix, AZ
  • Portland International Airport – Portland, OR
  • Redmond-Bend Airport – Redmond, OR
  • Long Beach Airport – Long Beach, CA
  • San Diego Airport – San Diego, CA
  • Denver International Airport – Denver, CO
  • McCarran Airport – Las Vegas, NV
  • Seatac Airport – Seattle, WA
  • Tri-Cities Pasco Airport – Pasco, WA

Panera Bread Bakeries – Free WiFi is available at all the Panera Bread I’ve been to.

Safeway Stores – Strange to have WiFi at a grocery store, but I guess if they offer it people will use it!

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  1. Homes says:

    MacDonalds’ restaurant

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